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We are a team of realtors, domain experts, consultants, and end-to-end service providers to help ensure that your enterprise gets a head start. With a strong foundation of multicity local networks and a sound understanding of the global landscape, every option we source is backed by the technical and legal know-how for a smooth transition. Getting the best deal translates to value from the start. Our services scale to meet your business requirements. This is where your search for the perfect workspace ends, and growth begins.





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Rajendra Kotkar Nashik

Rajendra Kotkar Nashik

With a career spanning over two decades, Mr. Rajendra Kotkar has made a significant contribution to the real estate industry. As a Director at Terrayo, he utilises his experience, expertise, and networking skills to make Terrayo a reputed name in the real estate sector across India.

Amongst his incredible achievements, Mr. Kotkar has successfully lead the “North Maharashtra’s 1st Real Estate Convention” at Nashik on 10th February 2014 as the Convention Chairman. In 2015, he was elected as the President of the Association of Real Estate Consultants (ARC) and the Working President of All India WSPS Real Estate Cell.

Mr. Kotkar oversees the workings of Terrayo from Nashik, and strives to help Terrayo spread its wings in Aurangabad and Jalgaon – the fastest growing Tier II cities of North Maharashtra.


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